The Top Ten album choices from lo-fi indietronica artist  Rodney Cromwell are ....

Top 10 Albums of 2021

1.  Peakes - Peripheral Figures

2.  Xylitol - Inside a stone of cream there is a language

3.  Stereolab - Electrically Possessed (Switched On Vol4)

4.  Various Artists - Essiebons Special 1973 1984

5.  Remi Parson - Pour Un Empire

6.  Pye Corner Audio - Entangled

7.  RoutesDummy - Mandatory Enjoyment

8.  Nation of Language - A Way Forward

9.  Mood Taeg - Exophora

10. Alice Hubble - Hexentanzplatz


Rodney Cromwell is from Catford in London amd makes music using a bunch of old gear and entry-level synthesisers. His last singleMemory Box’ is the title track of his new album which releases in March next year.

The LP was recorded in Catford and was mixed in Brooklyn, NY.  The album fuses a European synthpop sensibility with a slightly more spooky sound inspired by the literature of Alice in Wonderland, Franz Kafka and Anna Kavan. Rodney continued, 2021 was a real limbo year waiting for the album to be pressed. I did manage to play three shows which was great. I have every finger and toe crossed for 2022, for all of us.

Memory Box remixes on SPOTIFY


Rodney Cromwell by Alison Ahern