A set lasting two hours and 15 minutes, not bad for a band who have been around in various guises, for over 40 years. Yes provided  good coverage of what the crowd wanted to hear, Yours is No Disgrace, And You And I , Roundabout, Wondrous Stories, Starship Trooper were all there, as was the nucleus of the band.  

Central focus a wiry Steve Howe, as technical and spectacular on guitar as ever .  Chris Squire seems to morph more into Gene Simmons each time I see him. A giant of a man, he stomps and commands the stage with various bass guitars (one upright) churning out a menacing vibe. That’s an idea let’s swap Chris and Gene around ! Alan White, solid if a little stilted is a powerhouse. Time marches on for all of us though I guess. 

The combined band age spiral is only slightly halted by Geoff Downes on keyboards (What happen to Oliver Wakeman?) but is helped out by new boy Benoît David  a Canadian now filling Jon Anderson’s shoes. Benoît does a splendid job but just can’t reach the piecing note range that Anderson could.


I’m afraid in my books, like Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin, Anderson is an integral presence for Yes and without him, there is a gapping hole,. No chance of Rick Wakeman either, the classic line up now seems consigned to the dust.


The band are looking forward though, the new record gets a big airing and the effort put into getting that album into our hands must have been enormous.. In Yes terms it is a reasonable album although more to the ‘Drama’ period rather than Closer to the Edge.


So overall, yes they miss some key members, yes there were a couple of cheesy moments but it still commendable for them to get out there with a new album and live show and give our memories a good shake around in the cupboard of our brains  marked ‘The Seventies Youth’


Thanks guys!




1.Yours Is No Disgrace 
2.Tempus Fugit 
3.Your Move - I've Seen All Good People 
4.Life on a Film Set 
5.And You And I 
6.Steve Solo 
(Solitaire / Clap)
7.Fly From Here  (Full)
8.Wonderous Stories 
9.Into the Storm  
10.Heart of the Sunrise 
11.Starship Trooper