The lone Josh T. was supported by The Tenebrous Liar & Rich Warren, The latter also being the drummer in the former.

Richard Warren had a brooding presence, much like the entire atmosphere of the night. Some raw blues tunes acoustic and electric. New album out 17th October, Wayfarer, with a stripped down mix free with Bucketfull of Brains Great start.

The Tenebrous Liar, are a three piece down the Post Rock route band, indeed close to a ‘Fall’ type Post Rock band. Just a type of band you would expect at Birmingham’s Supersonic festival, with a wall of sound, single pitched vocals and a dark attitude. Interesting evening. 

The stage is completely stripped of everything apart from a mic stand and monitor. Josh T. appears on stage to applause then proceeds to set up “I can’t afford a Roadie yet” and” the first song is tunning”.

A lady with a fit of the giggles at everything Josh said lighten the atmosphere and even got Josh smiling. Hatless, he remains in good humor throughout the next hour as the corny jokes flowed.

I guess roughly four songs over the hour each intense and mesmerizing as Josh takes us on a hypnotic journey. A pretty intense and strangely enjoyable night.


Richard Warren

The Tenebrous Liar                                                                               

Josh T Pearson