Hello and I hope the sun is shining where you are. Where actually are you today?


We are in Poznan Poland.  It’s our first time here and it appears to be a beautiful city.


Was there a general feeling of satisfaction when the latest album (I am Gemini) was completed or are you constantly writing new material?


Yep, I think we were all very happy with record upon completion.  We are always happy with the completed records but this one was particularly fun and exciting to complete. It was a new approach and new producer so lots of new avenues.  We tend to write in blocks so nothing new since the record was written. 


Any particular instruments, effects or, recording techniques that you used this time around that would like to share with your fellow musicians’?


Well, we track most of the bass drums and guitar live which we think really helps with the energy and feel of the songs. Tim likes to record vocals on his own which gives him a comfortable and more relaxing atmosphere so he can take his time and work out all his ideas.   Ted does the same thing with his lead guitar. By combining the live sound with their work I think we get the best of both worlds.  


I have just returned from Morocco where I heard some amazing free improvised music around the squares of Marrakech. Is there any place that you would like to visit for musical collaboration?

Lately I think I would be most interested in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  I have always been attracted to both areas traditional style music but find it even more interesting to hear what their contemporary musicians are doing now by fusing it with music from around the world.


Where were your first and last gigs?


On this tour, the first one was in Koln Germany and the last one will be in Nottingham, but I think my first gig was a band called Guadalcanal Diary. I am not sure how well know they were but we loved em. They had a good record called 4x4. They sort of came up around that time of REM and B52s.  My last gig was The Lemonheads back in January.  It was an awesome show. Evan Dando was in perfect form.  They played all of Its a Shame About Ray and other greats from their catalog and new ones too I think?


How did you decide to take the music path as a career and were there other options outside music that you gave serious consideration to?


I only ever decided to take it as a hobby. I have always worked other jobs. I have a degree in Environmental Science but since graduation have only been involved in music and business.  Luckily, I have been able to have a small career as a musician and I am very thankful for it as I never really thought it would be possible. I always planned on having a career to pay the bills while I pursued music for fun.


Were there any albums in your parent’s music collection that really inspired you as you were growing up and has your home state of Nebraska had any influence on your sound over the years? 


Nebraska and the bands in the area that I grew up on have definitely influenced me.  There's a heavy music influence for sure from a composition and tone standpoint.  We learned a lot from the bands who were playing while we were young.   We also were influenced by them and their DIY approach to music and the business that comes along with it.They also tended to be pretty supportive of each other which we embraced as well. 


You are on the Saddle Creek record label. What is your advice to young artists starting out today, Search for a label or go the D.I.Y route?


Searching for a label is worth it but I would always plan on DIY. If a label happens then great but at least you are for sure moving forward.  We helped start Saddle Creek for that same reason, in order to release our music along with our friends under a collective label since no other labels wanted any of us at the time. Granted it is quite a different entity now but as far a new band is concerned, its origin is a decent model to follow.  It’s good to have that collective spirit of bands helping each other and pushing each other in a positive way.   


Were did the idea for the Artwork come from on ‘I Am Gemini’ and who designed it?


The idea came from Tim and his vision for the story of the album.  All of it refers to the characters in the story.  We were lucky to gain the help of our friend Jon Sanchez who did an amazing job by illustrating these images based only on Tim's verbal descriptions. 


What is the biggest change in the music industry that you have experienced since you started out?  


Well, we are very lucky to have been around just as the internet was starting.  I remember the first music site for indie music was IUMA, the Internet Underground Music Archive.   We had read about it in Magnet and were trying to get our band, Slowdown Virginia's info on it.  The funny part was the internet was still new enough that even my university's computer lab was not connected to the internet.  It only had an intranet.  So long story short from then on everything has changed.  At first it was sharing of music and greater awareness for indie bands. Now it is complete online distribution, collaboration and more. Many of the old barriers are gone due to the internet but now competition for attention is even greater as a result.


You reissued your Burst and Bloom EP as a Record Store Day exclusive version on yellow, white, and black marbled 12″ vinyl which was also limited to 1500 copies. Was that a label idea or were your actively involved in record Store day this year?


That was the label's idea.  We thought it would be nice to do something special so we agreed.   We love vinyl and happy to have Burst and Bloom back on it.





Currently on tour around mainland Europe, Cursive arrive in the UK on June 1st for a nine-date tour of the UK and Ireland:



1st - BRIGHTON - Audio

2nd - LONDON - Cargo

4th - MANCHESTER - Ruby Lounge

5th - DUBLIN - Academy 2

6th - BELFAST - Limelight

7th - GLASGOW - King Tut's

8th - LEEDS - Brudenell Social Club

9th - BIRMINGHAM - Academy 2

10th - NOTTINGHAM - Rescue Rooms 


Big Scary Monsters Records will release a special 12" vinyl picture disc version of the album in the UK, hand-numbered and limited to just 500 copies. Available here


Cursive  are the longtime trio of Kasher (vocals, guitar), Matt Maginn (bass), and Ted Stevens (guitar, vocals), with Patrick Newbery (keys) and Cully Symington (drums).