Hi Jesse, how the devil are you today?

 Wicked. Get it?
What made you guys decide to make music your career and how did you come together?
Well, it happened differently for all of us, of course. Most of my band mates came to music much earlier in life, but I was a bit of a late bloomer, tried out a buncha other jobs and careers that I just didn’t love, music was the last game standing.
How did you enjoy playing in Europe recently and will you me back anytime soon?
It was great, our favorite trip yet, actually – and we’ve had some fun ones. It’ll be hard to stay away from those mountains in Norway and the streets of Cologne, so, yeah, you’ll see us back there, whoever we have to rob, kill, or extort to make it happen.
You seem to have some interesting festivals planned this summer, Huichica, Floyd Fandango, Hillside etc what are the major difference between each festival?
Hard to say – haven’t played em yet. As we speak, we’re en route to Wakarusa tomorrow and then flying out to Huichica in California this weekend – so we’ll have at least two cases very, very soon. But we’re excited to be doing more of the festival circuit this summer, and less 7-nights-a-week touring. Spending more off time on the next album, having a few more free days to just kick back and enjoy summer – you know, all the good stuff in life.
We grew up in rural Pennsylvania, college town Kentucky, Long Island and San Francisco in the case of our drummer, and an old industrial rust belt river town for me. I don’t know what all that means, but I like the image, when you put em all next to each other – something beautiful about this land, every part of it.
Do you have a favorite musical instrument, cord, effects, or piece or equipment not commonly used by other bands?
Tom plays the pedal steel. We take it for granted at this point, but it’s always impressed upon us, especially when we tour in the UK and Europe, what a unique instrument that is, especially if you find someone who can actually play it well.
Is music 24/7 or do you have downtime and if so, how do you spend it?
Just music, really. No day jobs, though a few of us work in studios and on extracurricular music projects when we’re not doing These United States together.
Have you welcomed social networking with open arms and how much is it a part of promoting you musically?
I think it’s just a bit overblown how much that stuff actually helps promote – at least all by itself. Live music is still live music, great albums are still great albums, and the way those two experiences interact with each other is ultimately what draws people in. but we love computers, and typing, and talking with friends in many places. We love fancy telephones.
Who would you most like to collaborate with musically?
Being constantly on tour, are the any foodie delights that you have discovered on your travels?
All the time. Most recently, the fish in Norway just about blew our minds. The Netherlands had many delicious treats in store as well.
These United States play The Huichica Music Festival this weekend. Huichica is an annual all-day concert at Gundlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma, California.