Hi Guys, How was the recent UK tour?

Hey man, the tour has been awesome everything is running smoothly and nothing has really gone wrong. I guess the only surprise has been the amount of new people who have come to the shows and either sang along or have just gone crazy.

Why release an extended addition of your debut album rather that a new album in its own?

DOAA was rushed and never felt liked it was finished to us. It was too early for us to release a fresh new album so, we decided to add a few more songs to the album to complete it even adding a re worked track from our mini album.

The band has undergone some personnel changes, what where they and how has the sound of of the band changed as a result?

Yes we had a change of drummer late last year with Fergus stepping down from the drum throne and Charlie taking his place. It has been great having Charlie on board. He recorded the drums for the extended edition and he has managed to bring a new ideas to the table. 

What are the plans for the rest of 2015 and how far do you actually plan ahead?

So far we have plans for most of the year and that is to tour as much as possible not just in the UK but Europe as well. We will also be very busy writing a lot of new music for our next release.

What is your opinion about the state of UK metal in 2015 are we still on the up?

UK metal is definitely on the up  there seems to be a lot more bands being played on the radio and with great festivals like Tech Fest and Ghost fest there are a lot of opportunities for bands to showcase their music.

Who is controlling the music played in the tour van and what’s on heavy rotation?

It is Tom (or as we call him, Monty) who is the in van Dj we like to listen to various types of music. Kendrick Lamar and Juicy J get played quite often. After listening to metal all day it's nice to chill out with a bit of hip hop.

If you had to align yourself to any other band, who are the main influences that drive you on?

It is very difficult to say because we try to incorporate a lot of different styles into our music. We take a lot of influences from metalcore music like Memphis May Fire.

Try to land a Record Label or the DIY approach for new bands in 2015, what do you think works best?

A lot of bands these days including us have gone the DIY route and it has worked out well so far. We try to do everything a label would do anyway and until a label can give us a good deal there's no point being under one.

What music did you particularly enjoy listening to in 2014 and any albums you are looking forward to this year?

There's just so much to choose from! I really enjoyed Monuments, Black Crown Initiate, Of Mice and Men and Pvris. Im really looking forward to Shields and Veil of Mayas new material.

Darkness Of An Age (deluxe edition) is now available via Bandcamp