How would you describe your song writing process on the basis that you have a constantly evolving sound across your three albums so far?      

I think the process changes as I exhaust styles and ways of playing that I like. Once I saturate a style, I'm forced to try and search for new ways or else everything will sound the same. 

Is there any theme to your new album or, do your songs have their own individuality. Any stories around any of the new songs that you would like to share?

These songs are basically about the creative struggle within to try and stay excited, surprised, and interesting to myself. They're also about honouring all of my musical heroes that have influenced me so much

How is life in the recording studio? Are songs ready to go when you arrive or do they take shape on in the studio with the band more?


They are ready. I work on the demos at home and get them fully formed. In the studio, I just re-record all the parts so they are better quality. The producer then suggests what parts to let go of and gives structural suggestions. 



With so many great young female sing-songwriters do you think there’s always room for more - unless you’re very different, do you think there’s a danger of overload?


I think it's important for each person to create and express themselves. So in that sense, the more the merrier. I personally gravitate towards music that shows me a piece of the artist's personality, or at least some sort of risk taking. But A lot of people like a homogenous blend of "sameness" so I think it's bound to happen

What were the albums that ‘blew you away’ at the time from School/College days that you exchanged with fellow students and you still play these records today?


I talk about them often. The flying luttenbachers, erase eratta, hella, ruins, us maple, lightning bolt, melt banana, royal trux. Those are some that I was completely blown away by. 

When and how did you learn guitar and are there any other instruments you are keen to learn that you can’t already play?


I learned to play a few open chords when I was 15. I didn't start focusing on guitar until I was 21, and that's when I really started practicing. I was learning drums about 10 years ago and could just play the simplest beat but I really like how physical the drums are. So if I could, I would focus on drums

Any advice for a new band or singer-songwriter, just taking their first steps this year into the industry?


Man, its rough out there. My advice would be to make what you live because if you're creating songs based on a trend, that trend will be over within a year, and you'll likely be washed away with it. 

You are New York based, is that Brooklyn or does good music come from other parts of the city as well?


Manhattan, not Brooklyn. Everyone lives in Brooklyn because it is less expensive, but I've always lived in Manhattan so I'm partial to it there. As for good music scene, I think I'd rather be a big fish in a little pond than in Brooklyn where everyone is a musician

If there is any downtime in your life, how do you like to spend it?


Relaxing., hanging out with my dog and listening to audio books, reading or watching TV. 

Lastly back to New York, where would you recommend visitors go for music and coffee?

Hmm. The cake shop in downtown nyc has great music and coffee!




UK Tour Dates:


Thursday 30th May - Birmingham, Hare & Hounds

Friday 31st May - Sheffield, Queens Social Club

Saturday 1st June - Manchester, Ruby Lounge

Sunday 2nd June - Glasgow, Broadcast

Monday 3rd June - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Tuesday 4th June - Bristol, Louisiana

Wednesday 5th June - London, The Garage



The Chronicles of Marnia, is out 18th March on Kill Rock Stars.You can take a listen to the third single from the album  HERE