1.  Nirvana: Unplugged in NY

So my top 10 is less a reflection of new albums this year but i) what I’ve listened to the most during this strangest year ever plus ii) me moving across to vinyl and discovering new acoustics I had forgotten about and /or have never heard before. The number one is purely for both these reasons - his voice and the rawness of the album, you can hear every note, good or bad, plus I listened to it a lot during all 3 lockdown(s). It’s been my go-to album this year

2.  Slow Readers Club -  91 days in isolation

3.  Chet Baker - Sings

4.  Johnny Cash -  Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

5.  Fleetwood Mac -  Rumours

6.  Slide - Down So Long

7.  Working Mens Club -  Working Mens Club

8.  Bears Den & Paul Firth - Fragments

9.  Credence Clearwater Revival -  Bad Moon Rising

10. White Lies: - To Lose My Life