1. Beths - Jump Rope Glazers

I absolutely loved the first Beth's album so it's no surprise I would spend alot of time with their second album "Jump Rope Glazers". The second album deals with much darker subject matter then the first...crappy relationships, being away from those you love, hardship/isolation but it's done in a splendidly fun and upbeat way.

The songs are clever and hide the bitterness in the words and I found myself bouncing around to each track enough so that I often found myself forgetting about the Covid world we are living in. Any album that let me escape this madness is a great album as far as I am concerned and right from the bouncy opener "I'm not getting excited" to the the beautiful " Jump Rope Gazers" and the doubt and pain in "Just shy of sure"..it's an album made in the pandemic/about the pandemic and I love it for still sounding optimistic despite the subject matter.

Beth's Website

2.  Girl Skin - Shade Is On The Other Side

3.  Soccer Mommy - Color Theory

4.  Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

5.  Another Sky - I Slept On The Floor

6.  Gordi - Our Two Skins

7.  Haim - Women In Music pt III

8.  Working Mens Club -  Working Mens Club

9.  Pillow Queens -  In Waiting

10. DMA's - The Glow