1.  Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways

Spring 2020 for me meant so many fears, including wondering if we would ever see festivals or live music again. Perhaps not the greatest fear, but such a big part of my life that was suddenly missing.

Amidst all the depression an elderly American with a rich history of protest songs quietly released two moving, positive tracks, one a 17 minute meditation on life inspired by the assassination of JFK. Somehow I was really inspired by this, and by the subsequent album. Not directly relating to the pandemic in any obvious way, hearing it will nonetheless always take me back, not just to that frightening spring, but to the first seeds of hope, friendship and support that led the way out of it.

Bob Dylan Website

2. Hen Ogledd – Free Humans

3.  Tuung Presents....Dead Club

4.  Bill Callaghan - Gold Record

5.  BC Camplight – Shortly after Takeoff

6.  Destroyer – Have We Met

7.  Fontaines DC – A Heroes Death

8.  Run the Jewels – RTJ4

9.  Lanterns on the Lake – Spook the Herd

10. Laura Marling - Song For Our  Daughter