Due out on 21st February is a collaborative album that features Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Mark Gardener (Ride), Ron Sexsmith, Joel Cadbury (UNKLE), Jim Jones (Thee Hypnotics), Carl Hancock Rux (David Holmes, Portishead) and John Robb (The Membranes) among others. “Humanist” is released on Ignition Records 

Written and produced by Rob Marshall (guitarist for Exit Calm and co-writer of Mark Lanegan’s  “Gargoyle” and “Somebody’s Knocking” albums) it was an idea conceived after watching Shane Meadows’ ‘The Living Room’ - a documentary about Gavin Clark, a singer Rob had once shared a manager with. Waking the next day to find Gavin had sadly passed away, Rob was so moved by the situation, he sat down to write, quickly developing a piece that sparked an idea for a project that dealt with the deepest of themes - mortality, the ways we find meaning, and the liberation of the human spirit. He drew up a shortlist of a vocalists that he felt would be perfect to convey these themes – and they all replied with an emphatic “Yes.”

Rob gave each singer a track title, the music - and that was it. He gave them free reign over how they chose to express themselves. It is of course a record rooted in grief, an intensely personal state, dealt with by people in very different ways. 

You can listen to 'Shock Collar' and watch the video (feat. #DaveGahan) here.