New Zealand’s ​Summer Thieves have share an 'earworm' of a song with a lively beat indeed! ​Old school friends, Jake Bartos (Guitar and Vocals), Adam Spencer (Bass), Johnny Ward (Drums and Vocals) and ​Izzy Bones (Guitar and Keys) deliver their latest single, ‘Hands’ two years after their last album.

The band released their debut album, ‘Warped’ at the end of 2017 and  ‘Hands’ is the third single from the Auckland-based band. Their  new EP will be out in early 2020.

We all have vices or bad habits that we tend not to shine a light on. This song was to put a positive spin on the negative and have a little laugh at ourselves and the stupid things we do from time to time.’

Watch the video for 'Hands' here

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