The website Echoes and Dust recently started a series called Musical Therapy, where they are exploring the relationship between music and mental health with the aim of raising awareness and confronting the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. You can read the articles and contribute your own experiences if you want to HERE

If you do wish to contribute, Dan from Echoes & Dust says;

> “There's no word limit, minimum or maximum. Articles submitted so far have ranged from 200 - 1500 words

> We won't edit the piece before publication, except for spelling and grammar. The content will remain the same, and we'll ask you for a preferred title

> We're happy to publish pieces anonymously or under a pseudonym, alternatively, we can publish it under your name and link to you; whichever you'd prefer

> We're interested in publishing whatever people want to write about, and aren't being at all prescriptive in terms of content. However, if there is graphic content in the piece we would consider putting a content warning on it, which we'd discuss with you before publication. 

> We're not just after contributions from musicians; a lot of current contributions are from the point of view of the listener”

Have a read, they also have some decent Top Tens from 2013!