A very pleasant record for a sunny spring day.  Difficult second album? Not much sign of that here, with the song writing and musicianship making a steady climb up from the debut Reservoir.

Perhaps though, the excitement is slightly tempered, as the album does not drift too far style-wise away that debut but the new record has a fresh touch and a real 'life' about it that should keep the band active for the next twelve months or so. Much like Los CampesinosFanfarlo are one of those up and coming bands that you can see being on the indie circuit for a while to come.

There’s not one stand out sing-along on this album, of earlier songs like ‘The Walls are Coming Down’ (yet, more listening may prove me wrong) It is however, an easy record to pick up and play again and again.






1.      Replicate
2.      Deconstruction
3.      Lens Life
4.      Shiny Things
5.      Tunguska
6.      Everything Turns
7.      Tightrope
8.      Feathers
9.      Bones
10.     Dig
11.     A Flood
12.     Everything Resolves


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