It seems very strange to be writing a review of this record, roughly twelve month’s after I  first heard it and saw the band live at SXSW in Austin. 

The Civil Wars, a duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White, seem to be on the same trajectory as the low Anthem over here in the U.K., tiny shows since last summer have now escalated to a sold out show at the Shepherd Bust Empire to a UK tour and headlining Roundhouse show in November. So yes, they have taken off!


Barton Hollow had its official UK release on Monday. the songs remain a treasure all the way through with the vocals and harmonisation a pure delight..


The live show is something else as well. Their closeness makes you think, Butterflies and love (but they are not a pair apparently).


So a great record packed with great songs, but I’m already waiting to LP number 2.








20 Years

I've Got This Friend

C'est La Mort

To Whom It May Concern

Poison & Wine

My Father's Father

Barton Hollow

The Violet Hour

Girl With The Red Balloon


Forget Me Not

Birds of a Feather


SXSW Review March 2011


After a wander to the emusic party, it’s back to Paste for the Civil Wars. This duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White met in a studio last year and found that their harmonies gelled so well, they ended up forming the band and producing a delightful album and a,well, sugar coated live show.


Apparently they are not ‘an item’ but you wouldn’t know from their closeness on stage, perfect hair, dress, teeth ,smiles, soaring angelic harmonies, cries from the crowd sum up the performance. “They don’t even need beer” “I just want to play with butterflies” and “I have never loved two people so much”. All of which is taken in good humour and the song’ Dead Man Walking’, indeed provide a harder edge. These guys could just find themselves on the Low Anthem’s coat tails (there was even a member of Low Anthem spotted at the bar).


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