A town in north east Oregon, La Grande was named by a French settler in honour of its natural beauty, and is where Portland’s Laura Gibson found the muse for this record. 

Laura continues to mature as an artist and with this lovely album really hit’s the mark. A voice that is pretty unique delivers the songs with heart and soul. The record also contains fine support from the ranks of Calexico, The Decemberists, The Dodos, and drummers Rachel Blumberg and Matt Berge.


Diversities in song style across the entire record means a rewarding listen, to this talented artist





   1. La Grande              

   2. Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed          

   3. Lion/Lamb             

   4. Skin Warming Skin              

   5. The Rushing Dark            

   6. Red Moon        

   7. Crow/Swallow          

   8. The Fire          

   9. Time Is Not              

 10. Feather Lungs




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