Well Cloud Nothings are certainly a sonic power source to be reckoned with. Hard on the heels of 2010’s ‘Turning On’ and 2011’s ‘Cloud Nothings’ comes, 2012’s ‘Attack on Memory’. and this time Dylan Baldi’s four piece Cleveland  outfit are produced by Steve Albini, whose electric wand  is waved over the entire LP. 

There is a moment of gentleness as the album starts with ‘No Future/No Past’ but, don’t be fooled, soon the wall of sound and vocals hit. ‘Wasted Days’ is infectious and close on nine minutes long indeed, a ‘Garage Rock’ assault on the senses!


Dylan Baldi has a two tier vocal style, normal and banshee like screamed lyrics, which when set against the ‘wall of sound’ only adds to the intensity. With just eight songs on the record the album retains sharpness throughout which, even in today’s world, is easy to concentrate on.


The pace is unrelenting and hence, I don’t think there is a seismic change of gear here but, what Albini has brought to the show is a crisp, clear production.


Baldi said to Pitchfork magazine (light heartedly?) that the recording session was seemingly immersed in apathy ("Steve Albini played Scrabble on Facebook almost the entire time. I don't even know if he remembers what our album sounds like," ) But to me, it would not be the same record without  Albini.


There is Dinosaur Jr and MC5’s here and modern day comparisons to Yuck without a doubt. This record has an undoubted energy, soak it up!







1. No Future/No Past 

2. Wasted Days 

3. Fall In 

4. Stay Useless 

5. Separation 

6. No Sentiment 

7. Our Plans 

8. Cut You


Studio albums  

Turning On                           2010 ( Carpark Records)

Cloud Nothings                   2011  (Carpark Records)

 Attack On Memory            2012  (Carpark Records)