For her third album of intricate pop songs, Annie Clark recruited John Congleton as producer, Beck keyboardist Brian LeBarton, and Midlake drummer Smith to record in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. The result is a very classy album, in fact the finest solo record yet that St. Vincent has delivered.

The record is quite spellbinding and never drops its interest for the listener throughout its entire length. With numerous twists and turns both lyrically and musically, the album has a freshness with every play. It is an album that will leave people out there who download just a few random tracks in a quandary because the style changes so much throughout the album. If you are one of those guys, sorry but you will need to download the whole record!

Annie started out in most people’s consciousness as a member of The Polyphonic Spree and also as part of Sufjan Stevens' touring band, but these days Annie is an artist in her own right. In fact the tables have turned and other people want her to play with their band. She played with The National at Latitude festival this year, stage left and in the shadows but still with an understated presence that enhanced all the songs she played on.

I don’t think the inspiration for songs on her new album came from listening to The National but songs like Cheerleader would sit nicely back to back with Mr November on a mix tape.

Strange Mercy comes with eleven wonderfully beguiling songs that will catch you holding your breath at any point during the record. Don’t delay; get down to your local record store today.





1.         Chloe In The Afternoon

2.         Cruel

3.         Cheerleader

4.         Surgeon

5.         Northern Lights

6.         Strange Mercy

7.         Neutered

8.         Champagne

9.         Dilettente

10.        Hysterical Strength

11.        Year Of The Tiger