Well...last night was a late one so today I am moving a little slow.   Sleep in late, take our time and head out at noon to Cheer Up Charlie's to see Meagre Martin. Berlin based trio are a psychedelic folk rock band.  They sound good and it's a comfortable little set of "Faux Country" (what the band considers themselves).  It's a nice start to the day

Outside the venue Sandra and I sit and chat with Matt from Lo Moon.  Talk about his upcoming tour and hopefully some plans to get back to Toronto.  We talk about some of the bands playing that day and then we all make our way next door to the Mohawk where Lo Moon will be playing soon.
Inside The Mohawk, Kierst is on the small stage.  They are a solid little 4 piece indie folk group and we catch a few songs before we head outside to get a good viewing point to watch Lo Moon 
Lo Moon come out and play a set sprinkled with tracks off their soon to be released album as well as some of our old favorites.  At times Matt sounds very similar to Mark Hollis from Talk Talk so if that interests you, you should listen to their first album.  The new songs sound great, very melodic Americana indie rock tunes that have enough hooks on them to drag me in.   Sooner then we hoped, their set is over.
Before we go back to Cheer Up Charlie's, we have a job to do.   One of the bands I really wanted to see is playing at the British Music Embassy and we need to go and say hi.   It turns out a good friend back in Toronto is a relative to the drummer in the Scottish band the Spyres.   My friend has been sending me messages all week saying the family would love a photo of me with my friends cousin so off we go.  We get there early enough that I find Alex, the drummer of the Spyres, hanging out and killing time and he is my friends cousin so I introduce my self and Sandra to the young lad and off we go. 
Photos and funny conversation, Alex is great and he says his family have been hounding him to watch for us!  We have a great chat but he is needed on stage!  What a great little alt Indie band from Glasgow.   Great melodies (great drumming by Alex) and just a fun little set of great songs.  Then the band decide to dedicate a song to Sandra and I and we sit back slightly embarrassed but laughing as they say hi from the stage.   That doesn't happen all the time :).  We say goodbye to the band and we are off again.
 We are heading back to Cheer up Charlie's with the plan to see Squirrel Flower.
First up though is Voyeur on the outside stage.  We only catch a few songs but boy...they are loud.  Guitars produce waves of noise coming at you and it's fierce.  Similar to Sonic Youth...it's a bit messy but can see why folks are paying attention
Sadly, Squirrel Flower are playing indoors and the best I can do (alot of people have now shown up) is stand in the doorway and try to listen to the set.  I can only manage a couple of songs before it gets unmanageable and i head back outside to where Sandra is sitting with some folks she just met and we grab drinks and hang with them. As we sit there, we can listen to Squirrel Flower in the background and when that set ends, the band on the main stage come on.
 Great little indie rock band Teethe are on the mainstage.  We just sit at our table as they play and their "slowcore" indie rock light.  It's comfortable and pleasant to just sit and let their songs waft over us.
Next up inside is Villagers  Again..it's pretty crowded and it's sunny outside so I return to our new friends and listen from our seats. I can hear their lo fi set especially when the door to inside opens.  It sounds lovely. 
For tonights entertainment and the last night of the festival, I've decided to see Lottery Winners again which means another late night so..we head out for dinner to get some food and then rest up for a few hours 
We head to British Music Embassy for the first part of the evening and first up is Victoria Canal.  Spanish American artist born without a forearm...this wonderfully talented artist is a joy to watch.  Her voice is beautiful, playing a guitar and keyboard, Victoria is a talent.  Her positive outlook and wonderful little indie pop songs are a delight.  Great little start
The small stage has Killowen now performing.  UK garage/hiphop/dance/soul.  It's upbeat and despite a small crowd, it's fun.
Ayanna takes the main stage.  Solo artist with alot of energy..R&B/soul styled pop songs .. Newxt up, Gareth Donkin takes to the small stage. Perfect pitch voice mixed with a band producing a blend of pop, jazz, soul..it's mixed together to make some great little songs
Now down on the mainstage is the main reason we are here.   I wanted Sandra to see Sinkane.   So glad we came, Sinkane are so wonderfully positive and fun with great voices...and here,.the set is even better then what I've seen already.  Everything sounds better and Ahmed and the band just flow through a wonderful set of songs I feel I've known forever.  Jazz funk soul Pop, it's such a great blend and is a great final band for Sandra to see as we leave and I head out to another showcase and Sandra heads back to the hotel
In line for the Lottery Winners showcase, I meet up with a new friend who happens to be a photographer so we get out onto the swan dive patio for our last showcase and are surprised to find plenty of room so, we head straight to the front ..right by the stage..and we get ready for the next band.  
Seems we've had another cancellation so Viji is playing.  Having seen Viji already, I don't mind seeing them again and I can't possibly be any closer!  Lo-fi grunge and gritty indie blend.  Lead singer is hard to avoid..she's powerful and they are pushing through this final SXSW showcase with some spirit.  It's loud and smooth and they are fun to watch.
But now...the madness begins.  Seems everyone has decided the next two bands are the way to end SXSW 2024 and it's packed outside. Bodies are pressed up behind me and the stage is in front of me so no place to go.  Earplugs in...here comes Fat Dog
Even more intense then before, more dangerous because they are playing at our level on the stage..there is no place to hide.  Soon there is a number of band members In the crowd, a mad mosh pit has started and thankfully we are just far enough away to be somewhat safe.  So safe it seems, some others gravitated towards us to get out of the danger zone..including Steve Lamacq who chain smokes and hides beside us out of the way! Again, this show is hard to describe but it's intense and the crowd love it and this weird punk/klezmer/alt band that features alot of sampling and saxophone..blow this crowd away
And now, thankfully, next up is The Lottery Winners.  Not nearly as intense, but buoyant and fun and positive, this massive singalong with my new favorites is a ridiculously fun way to end the festival.  I lose my voice, I don't dare take a photo as  clapping too much, the songs have already become ingrained in my brain, it's a special show.  Thom and the band know it's the end of the festival and they hold nothing back.  It's brilliant
The show ends and again it's 2am.  We walk back to our hotel and get in right before a torrential downpour and storm and that seems perfect.  
Have successfully completed another SXSW!