After a bit of a rest, and with clear weather expected, I made the decision that we should head to what is considered one of the big shows of the night.  Noise Co is a record label/management/independent co-op that American rock/indie artist Ben Kweller started in 2007.  This night features a selection of their artists,  as it turns out, last year, just before Ben's son Dorian was to appear at SXSW 2023, he was involved in a tragic freak car crash and sadly passed away.

So this night, almost exactly a year later, the night is dedicated to him and to a charity that they've created to support young people interested in being musicians. 
The event is at the Mohawk so we get there early to get in line as we don't know just how busy it will be.   With only wristbands, just don't know how hard we will be to get in.   Turns out ..5 minutes in line, we are amongst the first 10 people inside and i get a great spot on the first balcony where I would stay all night.
The first band up is LCLS (the Locals)   These guys are local (as are many playing tonight) and there are alot of locals in the crowd as soon as they start playing.  A nice blend of Pixies/Dinosaur Jr/Built to's a solid rock n roll start.  
Next up are some youngsters in a band called K Williams.  Skater punk kids, full of energy, whipping through a hip/hop & punk blend of powerful little tunes..and with alot of the bands family and friends watching, it's become quite the party. Lots of shout outs to family and dedications to Ben Kweller's a fun little show.
Connor McLaren is up next.  This kid is fantastic.  Great voice that at times reminds me of Liam G and then out pops something that almost sounds like Jay Kay from Jamiroquai.  The songs are somewhat psych rock and has me very intrigued.  Connors album is out now and produced by Ben Kweller and I will be taking a listen.
Modern Love Child, this LA band jas a surf rock/alt sound with a lead singer who reminds me of Craig Finn from Hold Steady.  The crowd certainly enjoys this energetic rock n's lovely and it's a great sound.
Up next, is an explosive and exciting set from a ska band called "Bite Me Bambi".  Led by one of the most dynamic and talented lead singers I've seen in a long time.  Tahlena Chikami is a powerhouse, she's just overwhelming.  So much fun to watch. The band, a great sounding band (former members of a number of ska bands like Save Ferris) are just so tight and these songs are so infectious..never knew how much I would love a set of Ska songs but this is absolutely brilliant.  
I thought it would be hard to match the energy of Bite Me Bambi but it seems the next band has a huge local following and the crowd it's ready for it..clearly they are here to see Me Nd Adam.  Voted best band in Texas, led my two good friends, this band is rather fun.  Could be the sequined outfits and the posing on stage, the rather upbeat fun lyrics and solid alt pop rock songs ...I can see why their crowd below me is eating it up.  It really is difficult to describe but it's clear the band are having fun and in turn, so are their fans in the crowd.
Now we have one of the main reasons I came her tonight.  It's been well over 2 years since Brendan Benson has performed live and I have a perfect vantage spot to watch and listen.  Brendan looks so happy as he smiles and chats through a set of absolute bangers.  Alot of Brendan's big hits and "Steady as she goes"..a beauty of a Raconteurs track.  This critically acclaimed indie rocker is one of my favorites and I am very happy I chose this showcase tonight.
It's now when Ben Kweller takes the stage.  His family and friends are close to where I am standing and I can watch them as they celebrate, hug, dance, sing and cheer together while Ben and his band go through some of their favorite songs.  The crowd is full of Kweller fans and they basically squeal every time a song starts as Ben is pulling out alot of songs that they have not played for awhile and as the crowd sings along and his family dances beside me.
You cant help but feel this set is a bit of a cathartic release for Ben, his family, and friends.  There is alot of joy on the stage despite the fact that conversations often lead to Ben's son and the fundraising efforts this evening.  When Ben invites his friend Kevin Morby to the stage, the crowd erupts and they dive into the song " Wasted & Ready".  It's quite the love in going on & Ben is a fantastic indie rock performer and while I wasn't a huge fan going into this set, I certainly came away with a tremendous amount of respect for him and really really enjoyed the rock n' roll.  
The crowd thins out somewhat surprisingly as the next band sets up.  To me..I had to stay as I really wanted to see what an old favorite, Ash..could do.
Ash have played alot and you can tell Tim's voice is strained but after the first really comes together.  It's an 8 song set that would please any fan and Tim hasn't lost a step.  Neither has Mark as him and his bass prance and pose around the stage and man, he's fun to watch.  Tim can really play that guitar of his and with his voice in fine form, I'm really enjoying this.  With "Race the Night" "Goldfinger" and " Girl from Mars"...they all hit hard and those still here love it 
The last band of the night is one that very much intrigues me.   I have tried to do some research and what I heard I loved but to see these guys, this was going to be special.  It's after 1:15 when Los Yesterdays band come on stage. This 5 piece band from LA are a spectacular soul R&B band ..they have a big sound and their lead singer pulls off almost a Smokey Robinson level of vocals.  3 of the band members are not young...60+ yr olds with years of experience and working with Penrose records that is associated with Daptone Records..this band is the real deal.   They are smooth and soulful with such a great sound, I very much want their set to continue but as we approach is time to get some rest.