Friday has us up early again to catch Lo Moon at the ACL radio show at Hotel Van Zandt. Just a couple of songs and a great little interview with the band (including them playing a new Song off the upcoming album) it's been worth the early morning visit to Rainey St in Austin.  

We wandered around and eventually made our way to Aussie BBQ at Lucille.  It's a great little venue with a couple of stages but we only have time to watch Alexander Biggs, a great little singer songwriter who sounds great but it's hard to ignore some weather moving in, thunder and risk of lightning and some rain has us leaving early and heading back to the hotel for a quick bite before heading back out (weather permitting)
Weather clears and we are back at British Music Embassy
First up is Lauren Ruth Ward.  This is a very spirited rock n roll show.  With comparisons to Janis Joplin & Courtney Barnett, this young American packs a nice punch.  Great little set of songs to start the afternoon
Up next is James Smith. Former contestant on Britain's Got Talent apparently, this kid is instantly likeable as soon as he starts chatting.  His voice is fantastic, his banter is endearing and this is a lovely little solo effort on the big stage.  The songs are a bit of everything..bluesy pop ballads and anthemic little numbers, it's a fun little set
More Blues/Jazz indie is up on the small stage with Eleni Drake.  Her 4 piece band are fantastic and her set is a great one.   This British artists should please most in the sounds glorious and with the weather clearing, a crowd has moved in to enjoy her set.
With a full night ahead, we stick around for one more band before we head back to the room for some food and to rest up!
HighSchool is up in the main stage. This Aussie band (who apparently have relocated to London) have been written alot about recently.  Thought they were a 2 piece band but now's kind of a glam pop punk sound that oddly reminds me of the band The Bravery?  It's a solid sound and the band are great and I can see why they are starting to get a bit of a buzz.
As they finish, we head out to get prepared for a late night.