Starting off today I went to the Paste Magazine showcase.  Three days of shows...4 stages, well set up where you could see alot in a very short period of time.

 Got to the party in time to see Snack Time. Fantastic Philly soul band.  Big horns, crunchy guitars, charismatic singer...great start. Inside was Friko. Just getting a buzz in the States, it's Americana indie rock with an edge. A little messy but the songs are strong and band is tight.
Back outside and while Smut are setting up on the outdoor stage, I watch Heffner at another stage. Indie pop punk sounds good but soon Smut come on stage.
Was not prepared for how loud Smut are!  Having listened to a couple of tracks before I got there .this alot indie rock band really kick it up a notch Live.  Sound not perfect but they sure are potent ignoring this band when they are playing
Arny Margaret is now on inside.  Arny is a very delicate singer songwriter from Iceland.  Very sweet sounding and quite the shift from Smut
Now on the big's Sinkane.  Didn't really know what to expect but made sure I saw them as young Russell Barton told me I should.  Russell was spot on.  Absolutely wonderful band.  Big sound..soul/r&b mixed with a world beat vibe, Sudanese/English/American singer just gives you the feeling things will be ok.  So positive and hopeful, the songs make you bounce and dance and you can't help but love these folks.  I knew within the first song that I would need to find a way for Sandra to see them
 Take the time to head back to the Hotel.  Get some food and rest up (neither of us feeling that great )..then we venture out and back to British Music Embassy. First up is Coach Party. Pretty solid little rock n roll band. Indie rock from Isle of Wight..good start
Now up on the smaller stage is Noah & The Loners. Loud young punks, they pull off a fantastic set of energy.  Fun to watch and very much appreciated by the crowd. 
Back to the big stage and another last minute replacement. With Do Nothing band's up to Frank Turner to fill in.  A 40 minute set of big hits and one new song from album to come out was brilliant.  He works so hard when he plays..absolutely destroying the crowd with a sing-a-long after sing-a-long.  So much fun to watch especially when you have a crowd who eats it up!
Small stage now has VIJI.  Indie pop/grunge from Austria but based in London. Their first show in US, they stroll through a set of very melodic indie pop. lead singer Vanilla Jenner is something.  Powerful young singer and demands attention.  Band is solid and fun to watch
Big stage has Porij playing. A big blend of lo fi/garage/house ..lots of dancing about and songs are fun.  Clear the band members are having fun..keeping the crowd moving
Small stage has Shelf Lives. A Canadian/British 2 piece..electro punk set that goes down well enough but will be tough to compete with someone like Frank Turner or the next band
Fat Dog is up next.   I have no idea what this is...Klezmer indie garage punk ...but man...this crowd (mostly folks from England it seems) are absolutely eating this up.  Have to say, I had to move back and just watch it unfold.  Band members out in the crowd, a seemingly disinterested lead singer who looks like he just wants to punch somebody.  I can't describe this live show well enough's bonkers.  5 piece including big keys and's loud and in your face and despite a number of sound certainly were entertained 
Now it's midnight ...still feeling it from the last day, I bow out and head back to the hotel and try to get some rest!
Frank Turner