First time ever at the Sheraton Hotel.  Turns out new layout and venue is fantastic.  A ton of room.  Two separate stages.  Higher level small stage up on a hill and main stage near the entrance.  Great sound and a lot of seating area...made it ideal.
This was a solid showcase but learn early that we've already had one cancellation.  The band Do Nothing are boycotting official SXSW showcases so they are out.   Boycott was due to the festival being partially funded/sponsored by US Army. As it urns out the replacement band (Lottery Winners) would be the best of the night and my favorite band that we saw all week.
First up was Angelica Garcia.  Lovely little set of Cumbia/dance/pop. Holly Macve was up next. Great singer songwriter, fitted in nicely to the evening. Fabiana Palladino was up next. Her R&B influenced Pop was pretty smooth.  
Faux Real were up next.  Difficult to describe these two.  Brothers dressed alike in all white, very dance Influenced, choreography, bouncy pop songs and add in the occasional flute certainly got people's attention
Now down at the main stage was Girl & Girl.  Aussie Garage punk at it's best.  Lead singer has quite the warble in his voice.  At times reminded me of David Byrne. Songs were solid, band were fantastic.  It was a little quirky in a great way.  Just a fantastic set of instantly rememberable songs. 
Now up top on the smaller stage were replacements The Lottery Winners.   As soon as Thom and the band got on stage, things really kicked up a notch.  Thoms quite the showman and the band is great.  He dragged the entire crowd forward and it took no time for the crowd to all get involved.  He made the set an that nobody was going to forget.  Songs are great and I was definitely going to have to see them again.  Sadly, my over anxious clapping absolutely destroyed my watch...just another small setback :)
Down on the main stage was Divorce.  A very good indie Alt rock band who also have some very solid songs.  May not as memorable as Lottery Winners but a nice way to end the evening. 
Lottery Winners