What a unique way to spend Valentine’s Day at our very first Australian festival! The Laneway Festival series kicked off in Singapore two weeks ago and has travelled around the major cities of Australia before its final stop of the year in Fremantle.

It's a scorching day in Freo. Four stages (the main stage doubles up with two stages) and everything is well within walking distance. Early arrivals get the benefit of a spacious site to wander around as well as seeing first band of the day, the very talented Fait. Post Rock in the sunshine with big electric soundscapes.

Next band on the next door main stage are High Tension, a metal band who came on to a Stars Wars soundtrack. A big thing to live up to and not quite up to that level yet but, a competent band nevertheless.

The crowd starts to grow and everyone heads to the shade of the trees from where you can still see the main stages. Next up some indie pop from End of the Road festival bound, Methyl Ethel. Then it's a short walk to the Mistletone stage for Toronto's mighty Metz. Just out of bed, into the heat, rocking at full pelt, sweet drenched shirts and body shaking songs. A great set.

East India Youth was on the 'Red Bull Future Classic stage' (both Metz and East India Youth would have been much higher up the bill back home) and again a great set. For a one man show, Will Doyle just gets better and better with each show. It should not take long for Australia to catch on.

DllV prove to be the perfect band for a hot afternoon. Bouncy and lively, bright songs tinged with a surf rock feel. Now the site is getting really packed and the heat remains. Getting close to the main stage starts to become difficult. Best to adjourn to the craft ale bar and watch from afar.

The DMA's, a bit like Oasis meets the Pouges, are a grower in the afternoon sun and a band needing more investigation. Fidlar from L.A. blast away in blazing sunshine with their Garage Rock blend of high octane Rock n' Roll. A very solid set indeed.

Big Scary are on the opposite stage next and are a very soulful 5 piece. One of the most mellow bands of the day. Royal Headache on the Mistletone stage get the AC/DC Bon Scott award of the day. Lead vocalist, Shogun is in inspired form, on the last gig of the tour. Shirtless and rocking, the crowd lap it up.

Late afternoon brings 'The Freemantle Doctor' in (the daily afternoon wind) and a lovely breeze drives across the site. The Smith St Band draw a massive crowd for their anthems, but the band that takes us from daylight into night, is New York's Battles. Still one of the most original bands around, the crowds latch onto the rock, jazz, electronic soundscapes and are bouncing from the off. All the bands seem in party mode, this being the last night of the tour.

We stay at the Mistletone stage into the night, which is more comfortable than the main stages. Our reward is the dreamy Beach House, who play an awesome set.

We catch the last half hour of Chvrches set, and the band seem to have had a triumphant Laneway. They certainly seem to be the most talked about band of the festival. Last band of the evening are Purity Ring, with 2 piece, synths and vocals, a great light show and big songs.

A great day festival which, I reckon, if we looked for a comparison closer to home, would be Field Day, with its mix of indie and electronic bands. Oh and the sunshine!