Day two and a special Sunday in East London; the sky was blue, the sun shone, the crowd was around 15/16,000 mark which was comfortable and the vibe was a happy one.

Ex-Hex were first up (most bands seemed to have flown in from Primavera in Porto overnight) and all donned in sun glasses (in a tent) gave us a rip roaring thirty minutes of bubblegum pop, just perfect for the weather on the day.

Allah-La's took a bit longer to get into their breezy west coast reverb set, but triumphed in the end as the crowd grew larger and larger inside the tent.

Canadians' Viet Cong from Calgary, where not in the mood for any sunny pop that's for sure. Rising out of the remains of 'Women' their set was pretty much sonically heavy, but heavy with style and power. Almost Crazy Horse like in places, with the never-ending, endings to songs.

Matthew-E White was in duo format. "If you know the words to the songs, help us out and sign along" One soulful voice, two guitars. Being joined by Natalie Prass on vocals late in the set was a great idea.

My Brightest Diamond is singer–songwriter and general all round musician Shara Worden and her three piece band, all of whom were in supreme form and highly entertaining. As was Jane Weaver and band in psychedelic mode for lengthy songs from her new album Silver Globe.

Over to the main stage for the first time and it's 6.30pm.The sun is still strong as Patti Smith apologises for wearing sunglasses as the sun beats down on the main stage. (no apology required) Again, she was in Portugal last night and she is 92 don't you know! Well according to Patti herself that is. From the viewpoint of the crowd she actually looks to have the power, energy and enthusiasm of a twenty year old!

On a tour playing debut album 'Horses' night after night, she could easily be forgiven for going through the motions but none of it, this as a real 'lump in the throat show' of an album that is forty years old this December.

Songs were sung with power, passion and poignancy. The crowd was the biggest at the main stage all day and what was the truest testament to this album actually came from the crowd itself. Two girls standing next to me in their early twenties knew and sang every word of the entire album. An album that just gets passed on through generations it seems.

Once the album is completed with 'Elegie', written for Jimi Hendrix orginally but, now shared by Patti with us all us to remember all those we and she has lost over the past four decades it brings the show to an even more intimate level to the point, where you forget you are standing in a park and watching the small figures on the stage from so far away.

The shows wraps up with classics 'Dancing Barefoot' dedicated to PJ Harvey, ' Pumping (My Heart)',  'Because the Night' . 'People Have the Power' and 'My Generation'. It's magnificent.

Who on earth can follow that and provide any level of excitement anyway close to Ms. Smith, well it would have to be Savages?

Jehnny Beth and co are at their usual powerful, primal and snarling best back in the Shacklewell Arms tent which is rammed to capacity. A chunky section of new songs, and old favorites and an hour later, dazed and still exhilarated its back outside for the last night of this leg of the Ride tour.

The main stage is packed back to the mixing desk, and then it is very sporadic. With all the other stages finished, it looks like more people attended today to see Patti Smith than Ride which, with tickets going faster than Lewis Hamiltion on a pole setting lap for the band's recent UK shows seems strange.

Not that any of that matters, the band are on majestic form. Just three songs shy of the recent  Roundhouse show, it's still amazing that we are witnessing with this band being back on stage.

So for £45 Field day was a cracking Sunday afternoon/evening's entertainment. See you again in 2016!