It’s easy one Saturday afternoon in Cambridge each year, to step out of the normal life and step onto planet Strawberry Fair.

The Strawberry fair is in its 39th edition this year and remains a free event on Jesus Green in Cambridge. The event is put on by a group of volunteers working tirelessly for twelve months.  Because it is free, the event attracts people of all ages, all walks of life and for all different reasons.

The music stages contain just about every style you can think of, Folk, Ska, Jazz, Reggae, singer – songwriters and Rock. Circus, film, poetry and very decent beer courtesy of The Portland Arms (in the acoustic tent) are among the other attractions.

As we wandered around we came across Dave Crowharr with this Tom Waits like folk, a lively Eureka Stockade some Ska warriors Killimonjambo and loads more.

So a great afternoon, I left the evening to the kids!  The Strawberry Fair is 40 next year if you want to come to the party.  


Eureka Stockade