Guided by Voices are back (I think) with the original line up of Kevin Fennell, Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Greg Demos and Mitch Mitchell. I am presuming the band are back, they were in line to headline the ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror’ Event at Alexandra Palace in May but then, pulled out because they had broken up, now, we have a new record! 

It’s the first album of new material from this lineup of the band for fifteen years and first impressions are very favourable, indeed it struck me as very much like early days REM. The songs are fresh, alive and interesting.


During their own early days GBV were at the point of many bands today, financing their music by way of their day jobs, self-releasing five albums between 1987 and 1992; Their fifth album ‘Propeller’, found them a record label and 1994's Bee Thousand was their, lo-fi breakthrough.


The band’s career is well documented and they have always had a hardcore of support so, the on-off nature of the band is well expected, the new material though was a welcome surprise.


From the psychedelic start of Laundry & Lasers with trademark sonic guitar, via lovely Strings on the Peter Gabriel like 'Hang Mr Kite' to the Big Star ish 'The Unsinkable Fat's Domino' the album is pure Guided For Voices. I guess the nearest touchstone today to GBV, if you don't know the band is, The Flaming Lips. So let's get out there and buy this record, it will certainly brighten up your January day!


We have to hope this is the start of a new lease for life for the band and that live dates will eventually follow.







1. Laundry and Lasers 

2. The Head 

3. Doughnut For A Snowman 

4. Spiderfighter 

5. Hang Mr. Kite 

6. God Loves Us 

7. The Unsinkable Fats 

8. Domino 

9. The Big Hat and Toy Show 

10. Imperial Racehorsing 

11. How I Met My Mother 

12. Waves 

13. My Europa 

14. Chocolate Boy 

15. The Things That Never Need 

16. Either Nelson 

17. Cyclone Utilities (Remember Your Birthday) 

18. Old Bones 

19. Go Rolling Home 

20. The Room Taking Shape 

21. We Won't Apologize For The Human Race