I could not put my finger on the vocal style, which sounded familiar even with, the unfamiliar harmonies supplied by Vivian Ginn which, lend an angelic aura to the songs. Then, I discovered that ‘Heirlooms’, is a side project of Jerry Vessel, former Red House Painter and touring member of Mark Kozelek's Sun Kil Moon which, meant that everything then fell into a lovely place. 

Each song is sweet and introspective; ‘Andrew and Emma’, ‘Marianna’s Peace’ and ‘Blackness from Blue’ are exquisite.  Acoustic, pedal steel and bass guitars interweave with violins and vocals. A buried treasure uncovered. This is a gorgeously fragile record that weaves itself into your consciousness


Information on the project and band is very sparse, one quote say’s “Inspired by the rural surroundings in which he now lives, Vessel found the time and solitude to reflect and write...". Certainly, this is a beautifully reflective record.


The band features members of American Music Club and Ani Difranco's band. The album is released on the Caldo Verde label.  







1. Andrew & Emma              

2. Anyway, Sweetness                

3. Forever The Moon                   

4. Marianna's Peace                

5. Annie                  

6. Blackness From Blue                  

7. Beautiful Summer               

8. Ukulele Song       

9. A Flower My Love Grows           

10. Incidental Music for Obeo