A psychedelic explosion to the senses courtesy of Andy R. (né Andy Rauworth) and drummer Craig Nice (né Craig Fleischman) otherwise know as Gauntlet Hair from Denver Colorado (where they relocated to, from Chicago). Andy and Craig, we are told, have been playing together since they were 15, almost a decade ago, so plenty of time to get this debut smoothed then.   

The Mars Volta, Yeasayer, and  general  Garage Rock noize spring to mind immediately the album kicks in with ’Keep Time’. Two singles were released before the album ("I Was Thinking..." b/w "Our Scenery") and ("Out, Don't..." b/w "Heave") neither of which make it to the album but came highly recommended.


The debut album was recorded in the Chicago area last spring and that Chicago rawness carries onto the album‘s rock sound. So if you like your rock with a big sound, then Gauntlet Hair is a great listen and much like Seattle’s duo ‘My Goodness’ looks like making 2011 the year of the rocking duos!





Keep Time

Top Bunk

Mop It Up

My Christ

Lights Out



That's Your Call

Shout In Tongues