SuperHeavy; A new group with a guy who knows his reggae, a lady with a fabulous voice and vocal range and a man who should really be fronting a rock n’ roll band with, his raw intensity, as he spits out the lyrics. Actually not so new, after all, the Super group that is SuperHeavy is Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, A. R. Rahman, Dave Stewart and Damian Marley but for a moment, disregard the heavyweight members and give the music a listen.


A record packed to the brim with music, nothing wasted or lacking in the production, musicianship or presentation. There is a budget here but, with that budget comes pressure. These guys could has just as easily tripped themselves up and produced a lemon, but this record has all come together.


The title song is infectious, ‘Miracle Worker’ is a great song for three shared vocals. ‘Energy’ has Jagger on Scorching harmonica, ‘Satyameva Jayathe’, has Jagger straining the vocal to perfection with Joss Stone on Aretha Franklin duty. it could well be one of the best songs Mick has performed on in a long time. , ‘One Day, One Night’ would fit nicely as a Stones ballad before its back to a reggae base for ‘Never Gonna Change,


Easy listening for the 60’s /70’s generation? Background music for today? Sunny day music? Music to cheer you up?  Who knows but, this music is really alive. Just enjoy the record for what it is; a bunch of pals getting together to make glorious music! 


Live shows anyone?











Miracle Worker                


Satyameva Jayathe                

One Day One Night               

Never Gonna Change          

Beautiful People             

Rock Me Gently             

I Can't Take It No More                 

I Don't Mind                

World Keeps Turning              


Warring People            

Common Ground          

Hey Captain