An album that starts gently with ‘Stealing Horses', a song that expands naturally into an epic. A great introduction straight away to this Norwich based band that, really could hail from  Austin, Texas.

Title track ‘Reservoir ‘ is a fragile gem carried on the equally fragile vocals of Patrick Turner (very much in the style of Alec Ounsworth  of Clap Your Hands say Yeah).

The band  are a six piece  with Patrick, Emma Tovell, Nyle Holihan, Rowan Braham, Ben Auld and Phoebe Troup. Rooted in a collaborative approach to songwriting the band recorded the album in just over four days in a quiet corner of Norfolk, with the writing and composing actually being years in the making.

The band shared their thoughts on the recording space for the album: “The studio up there is basically a huge barn surrounded by farm fields and wetlands. It felt like being at Big Pink or something. It’s not too fancy, just a very quiet and beautiful place. There was a little annex a few steps from the studio’s front door with a couple of bunk beds where we’d fall asleep watching The Simpsons after recording all day. In between takes we’d just hang out in the sun. Owen’s got two big golden retrievers, Poppy and Daisy, and they were always running around. There was a bunch of chickens too”.  

 The album contains ten songs that you could just imagine listening to in a cosy bar with a glass of whisky in hand or, on those camping summer nights as the sun gently goes down (yes, the whisky comes out then as well). The sound of the band defies their age … so we can expect a lot more to come from this outfit in the future.

 There is an UK tour planned for March/April and the album is released on !9th January via Loose Music.