With the volume of music released on a weekly (albums) and daily (singles) basis it is easy for records to slip through the listening net. Much like the news cycle these days, we just move onto the next item of news.  

A look back to 2022 certainly does not matter when you can discover dark glories like this tumbleweed rolling classic from This Lonesome Paradise.

The band were based in Landers, California and recorded the album off the grid, with solar power at Goat Mountain Recording studios and, there can be no better location to record this style of swooning Americana.

Eleven songs capture the location and it’s soundscape with reverb-soaked songs from the eerie album opener ‘Scorpion Song’ through to ‘Blue for You’ . The record picks up the pace on ‘Always You’  after which ‘Heroine’ lulls you back to the dark dessert nights.

Gram Parsons, Jim Morrison, Chris Isaak, Nightbeats, Allah - La’s all come to mind whilst listening to this atmospheric album.