There is no one quite like Dan Michaelson in the musical world. A voice so deep, so rich that you just melt into the music. A beautiful album for a winter’s day. This is Dan’s first album away from his band The Coastguards since 2011's 'Sudden Fiction'.

Dan worked closely with orchestral arranger Arnulf Lindner, aka Skeleton Key on this record. As an album 'First Light' focuses on the everyday first moment of consciousness before past, future, cynicism and memory come into focus, although he considers this to be "the most unpleasant moment of any day" the opportunity to write at this time became the working practice for the record and, as the writing progressed, reflections on those moments enhanced the songs further.

'First Light' finds Dan experimenting with full orchestral arrangements which adds texture to the songs adding to their beauty.  As for the lyrics, well, they just captivate on ‘Sand’ “Slips between the cracks, But I’ll hold your hand, You hold mine” on ‘Stone’ “I thought I was alone, until you woke” and title song ‘First Light’ “Just you and I see what others could easily miss’ .

As I said at the start, an album to melt into exactly the same as relationships, this is an absolutely unique and beautiful album. Have a listen on vinyl on a cold night, with your loved one.