The re -release (on Earased Tapes) of this body of work has awoken fragments of memory from way back.

Whilst not exactly the soundtrack to my life, PCO re-appeared at significant milestones. Memories of evenings spent with friends and our young families, accompanying me during strange long nighttime bus journeys across Cambodia and Vietnam, mesmerising a whole school of small children assembled during the ‘sensible years’ and more recently, at an obscure festival listening to its re-incarnation in a Suffolk field one sunny Sunday . I have PCO on cassette, vinyl,  CD and now download . For me testament to their longevity .

Their creations are eclectic and unique, impossible to categorise straddling classical, world music,  jazz and beyond. This re-released album is no exception. Whilst possibly less instantly engaging and more demanding than some of their other albums it is a ‘grower’ and the effort of a fourth or fifth listen is well rewarded.

From the broad sweeping 'Silver Star of Bologna', the pastoral 'Lie back and think of England' to the lyrical 'Lifeboat (Lovers Rock)' and 'Red Shorts' and the vintage PCO 'Pythagoras on the Line' this album offers huge variety.

The only exception for me was 'Discover America' ...... possibly doesn’t transfer too well in the current climate.... that'll be the track I reckon I’ll skip.
But within this album are absolute jewels and it is the exquisite 'Nothing Really Blue' with its delicious understated melody that heals the soul and calms the mind.

Great variety in this album for the uninitiated .....still fresh after all these years timeless. Thanks for reigniting the memories.