Leicester guitar- drum duo (Beth Morris, guitars and vocals & Jamie Brown, drums and vocals) known as Jitterz released their punky, bluesy, tunefully noisy E.P. through a Kickstarter campaign. It's now also available through the usual digital formats.

First track 'One Good Song' brings the inevitable comparisons to The White Stripes with its crunchy riffs and urgent drumming. The song does what is says on the tin about music being an escape from a seemingly dull and repetitive existence “ I hate my job, I hate my life, it's no joke I can't cope , cos when I lose my mind, I lose all hope ... .One good song could be my way out of here.”

The next two tracks 'Girl I Hate You' and ' Lobotomy Eyes' are both based around a more traditional blues-based riff which made me like them so much when I saw them opening at a cracking local venue, The Cookie in Leicester. 'Lobotomy Eyes' has a call and response chorus between Beth and Jamie ( “Oh, I love you”...” Oh, I need you” ) and a fat, dirty blues riff. Last track 'Unicorns & Glitter' is my personal fav, a great catchy tune weaving around the crunchy guitars (big nod towards Graham Coxon's playing on 'Song 2' ) and drums.

Four ear-wormy tracks of bluesy guitars, in a hot pink sleeve with a chocolate bar on the front, what's not to love ? Let's hope there's lots more to come from Jitterz.

Alisdair Whyte