I started playing this record and my initial thoughts without paying much attention were, nothing new, however when giving the record quality listening time, I was hooked!

It’s such a sweet record, the harmonies between these three North London-based 19 year-olds are beautiful. The record also has all the delightful rough edges and simplicity you find on  great debut albums that stand the test of time. 

The 13-song cycle is varied with individual songs taking unexpected routes. As a comparison, Chastity Belt and Warpaint spring to mind. Keep this album on a loop a few times and you too will surely be hooked.

The band are Poppy Hankin (guitar/vocals), Iris McConnell (drums) and Sophie Moss (bass), and the record has been released by the prestigious Moshi Moshi label. The album was recorded with now touring guitarist, Mike O'Malley over two "intense and insane" weeks at Ramsgate's Big Jelly studios.

The album starts with ‘Just Like That’ which really expresses the excitement of what is ahead, a bouncy lo-fi song with great harmonies, the pace changes immediately with ‘Monday, Tuesday’ a heavenly song.

This a captivating album with ‘Stupid Things’ next up with a perfect tempo for a summer song. Mid-way though the album the title track , “Earl Grey (Stuck in a Groove)’ clocks in at 13 minutes long. A song of many twists and turns that are impressive for a debut album.

It’s really refreshing that musicians this young can put together such a great debut. Fine things can only be ahead for this excellent band.


1. Just Like That
2. Monday Tuesday
3. Stupid Things
4. Don't Go Back at Ten
5. Cutting Shapes
6. Preacher
7. A Few Months
8. Earl Grey (Stuck in a Groove)
9. Stupid Things (reprise)
10. Where Am I Now
11. Ghosty
12. Waiting Ages
13. Trouble [Bonus Track] - Watch the video HERE