Barna Howard has released of his second album 'Quite a Feelin'' via Loose Music this side of the pond and Mama Bird Recording Co. in the U.S.

Barna was raised in Eureka, Missouri, which already conjures up an interest of what life was like in that town then and now? After High School, Barna moved north to study animation and then, followed two friends to the Northwest, crossing the Rockies for the first time, in search of inspiration, opportunity and a fresh start.

The songs on Barna Howard's second album are pure quality Americana Folk that sticks with you from the first listen. Banjo and guitar on opener ‘Indiana Rose’ sets the scene for the album to come. “I rolled down the window for some air, stuck my elbow out the car, when I heard the music playin', from a jukebox, honky-tonkin' bar”.

‘Quite A Feelin' as an album reflects on Barna’s relationship with home in Eureka from his new port of Portland, Oregon and the title track, is a song of lost love beautifully put together as a simple slice of Americana. “I'm a dreamer in a car, bein' on the road's quite a feelin' but the feelin's right where you are, right where you are,”.

This man is the essence of a singer/songwriter who takes great care with his chosen art form for story telling. So sit back and relax with the laid back Americana of Barn Howard.

Quite A Feelin? was produced by Adam Selzer at Type Foundry Studio in Portland. 



Track listing:

  1. Indiana Rose
  2. Bitter Side Of Blue
  3. Hands Like Gloves
  4. Notches On A Frame
  5. Quite A Feelin’
  6. Whistle Show
  7. Then And There
  8. Rooster Still Crows
  9. Pull Us Back Or Wind Us Up
  10. Lend Me A Moment


A short string of dates in the UK: have also been announced if you want to enjoy the music live, over a beer.

13 May - Rough Trade West, London

14 May - Servant Jazz Quarter, London

17 May - Wood Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire