Dmitry Wild's latest and catchy single is  'Don't Need Anybody' released' after a brief pandemic-inspired pause since releasing three singles in 2020. 

Dmitry said "For me 2021 was a powerful year, full of hope, promise, lots of work, and introspection. When the summer came it felt like we all were coming out of the long dark tunnel and now we can finally breathe without masks on. Music was blasting everywhere, people were hugging, celebrating, and it felt like humanity prevailed, and looking back now at the close of 2021 we are back in our caves with our fur coats wrapped around ourselves tending to the fire of life, hoping for the best, but guess what we have been there before many times and humanity prevailed and we always found our way forward. So let's celebrate the year passing and welcome the new fight in 2022".

We also asked Dmitry what he had been listening to in 2021;

1. Shame - Songs of Praise
2. Echo and the Bunnymen – The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon
3. White Lies - Five
4. Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression
5. Auktyon – Mechti
6. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Carnage
7. Molchat Doma – Etazhi
8. Liam Galagher – Why Me? Why Not?
9. Temples – Hot Motion
10. Interpol – Marauder

You can find Dmitry's music on Bandcamp