All Systems Go is a pop punk band from Delran, NJ. The band formed in July of 2016, after the 4 original members had gigged together in high school (2011-2013) but had taken a break from writing and playing music since then.

The current lineup consists of Matt Pezza (vocals/guitar), Devin Kollmar (vocals/guitar), Dean Mason (bass), and Joe Codispoti (drums). 2019 saw their first album. 'Garden State Skies' released followed by, an EP entitled The Waiting Room.

After spending more than a year through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic pushing their EP with online content, the band was able to increase their  listeners  Complemented by the return of live shows in 2021, the band is currently working with producer Nik Bruzzese (of Man Overboard) on new music and shows planned for 2022.

New single, 'Don’t Let Me Go' is on Bandcamp.  Bassist Dean Mason took the reins with the lyrics, reflecting on a difficult time in his life and how he reached out for support at a time where he needed it most.

"The two central themes to any pop punk banger are hating your town and loving yourf riends, and so with this single, we decided to give loving our friends a shot. Confrontingthemes of personal struggle and mental wellness, Don't Let Me Go is a story of despair and hope that reminds us to rely on the ones we care about when we need them most. I was going through a rough patch when I first came up with the lyrics, and wanted to reflect on how my support network is what gives me the strength to keep going when I feel like I have no hope left."

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