Well what a year 2020 has been. Musically with hardly any gigs, artists and bands have been working on new music and new ways to perform, to get their art across to the paying (hopefully) public.

Putting together a top ten list of albums has been incredibly hard over recent years with the sheer volume of quality music being released. In 2020 it has been almost impossible to select ten albums from an absolute deluge of new music, which has understandably been released.

So this December it was time to go back to those albums that has been the constant companions by your side during this truly traumatic year. The problem comes because with the volume of new, re-issued and live albums, to have a constant record by your side, you must have really tuned into it.

Each week I found myself listening to music released each Friday only, for the next Friday to arrive and there be another host of music released. I am then onto something new. That is the physical releases each week, on top of that, comes the digital releases almost daily.

We are pleased to present our writers and readers Top Ten albums for 2020 over the next few weeks. So watch this space.

Stay healthy and safe. Happy Holidays and a Hopeful New Year