Formerly a duo, Tijuana-based psych band Mint Field are now a trio made up of Amor Amezcua, Estrella del Sol Sánchez & bass player Sebastian Neyra. Their new EP 'Mientras Esperas' is set for release tomorrow 1st March  via Innovative Leisure, and the band are now sharing new single 'Vamos Rapido'

Speaking about the new song, the band said "'Vamos Rapido' is about how quickly time can pass by, the rhythm of people and how to find your own around others."

 Written on the road and recorded in a couple of days during a stop-off in Los Angeles, Mint Field’s new EP ‘Mientras Esperas’  is a reflection of the band’s feelings towards the modern world: the lack of care for nature and what surrounds us, our selfishness towards it and our thoughtlessness of what we are about to loose. It’s about questioning your role, carving your own path and acquiring peace of mind throughout it all.mind through all of this.