Hey Zeus hail from Boston MA. and here is a taste  from the heavy rocker’s forthcoming album X,  which is due out on 1st February via Argonauta Records.

Their  full-length debut album will be right up the street of any heavy rock fan. The band have ground out their sound on the Boston rock circuit and have now transferred all that power onto record

The band say: “Having a good time is our first priority – and we leave people no choice but to take part in it with us...We recorded and packaged up the party in “X” and we’re psyched to bring the message to masses. The album covers life, death, and everything in between. “I Don’t Want It” is a look at the marathon that is running from the reaper- and how imminent the end is for all of us- how nobody wants to face it, but it needs to be reconciled with in order to enjoy the time we’ve got. So let’s do that. HEY ZEUS SAVES!



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