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Has the Laurel Canyon moved to Stockholm? On the strength of this delightfully beautiful album, you would think so.  

This is sisters, Johanna and Klara Söderberg’s second album which, was recorded in Spring 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska. Produced by Mike Mogis who has worked with the likes of Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis and Monsters of folk, The Loin’s Road is a feast of Americana, with some country twinges on the side and is a full band effort.


The girls' father Benkt is on bass, Mattias Bergqvist drums, while Mogis and Nate Walcott of Bright Eyes, together with, a host of Omaha-based musicians fill the record with glorious music. Album closer 'King of the World' features the Felice Brothers, and local hero Conor Oberst, appears on the last verse.


A quality record all the way through, the Girl’s really do sound like American natives, I am not sure why that is but, the Scandinavian accents, really give the vocals depth and strength when singing Americana tunes.  First Aid Kit have definitely been to the Americana and country scene for inspiration and really acknowledge that on ‘Emmylou’.


The girls I heard over the weekend are still not old enough to order a drink at a bar, that being the case, they surely have a long career ahead of them!






1. The Lion’s Roar 

2. Emmylou 

3. In The Hearts Of Men 

4. Blue 

5. This Old Routine 

6. To A Poet 

7. I Found A Way 

8. Dance To Another Tune 

9. New Year’s Eve 

10. King Of The World 



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Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero’s new record was not that highly anticipated in my musical world. They burst onto the scene with their undoubted guitar sensibilities and magnificent inter-action with the acoustic version of the instrument, a while ago and whilst it was mesmerising for a time, you really did start to know what to expect next. Scratch that big time now, C.U.B.A. is an unexpected but very welcome triumph and really shows that this pair are prepared to push the boundaries towards new horizons.  

The songs are favourite tunes from their own catalogue re-arranged and recorded in Havana with a 13-piece Cuban orchestra.   I guess we could drop a few points because we are not talking new material here but, the songs have such a (new) life and variation from the originals that they seem new anyway.


Cuba itself is a wonderful island to visit with a rich musical heritage but, if you can’t get there, Rodrigo y Gabriela will be bringing the band C.U.B.A. to the UK in February. I think most shows are now sold out but, if you can get a ticket somewhere, then grab it and let the sun shine in, on your winter world.







Santo Domingo              




Master Maqui            

Diablo Rojo            


Juan Loc      



UK Dates 

O2 Academy Glasgow (February 21)

Manchester HMV Ritz (22)

O2 Academy Brixton (24)

The Stealers are on the Angry Badger record label, which blasts ‘Classic Rock’ 2012 style from it’s home in Southampton. The Stealers are no exception, to this style with their four track ep.  

Opener ‘Crazy Days’ is the ‘rocker’ in a Thin Lizzy, Pouges, Strokes type way. The remaining three songs edge towards AOR but are nice songs for all that.


No re-invention of the wheel here but, if it’s your type of music, you will be satisfied and eager to hear more.





Crazy days

Fade Away

Summer 08





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Angry Badger Records 

The next great hope for ‘Rock n Roll’ comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the shape of Howler, with ‘Give Up America’ 

It is a great record, it’s full of energy, sing-a-long songs that even, could become anthems, but at the end of the day, the record just drips of the Strokes. There is nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong, other than lacking originality I suppose. The only worry as I sit writing this, is, that I am humming’ New York City Cops’


The album even coming out at a Stroke like punching 30 odd minutes, will keep the band busy on the live circuit all year, let’s just hope that they can build their own unique reputation during that time. This album will certainly be on many a car stereo during 2012!





   Beach Sluts

   Back To The Grave

   This One's Different


   Too Much Blood

   Wailing (Making Out)

   Pythagorean Fearem

   Told You Once

   Back Of Your Neck

   Free Drunk

   Black Lagoon

A really delightful album is heading your way from Mary Lorson & The Soubrettes. It’s called BurnBabyBurn' (no relation to the Ash song) Mary Lorson who handles vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion (phew!) began her career twenty years ago as the lead singer of the noisepop band Madder Rose., was it really that long ago???

The songs on BurbbabyBurn are just lovely. Lorson has added standup bass and subtle banjo provided by Ameila Sauter and Leah Houghtallng. Described as  a “sort of a hybrid theatre piece/indie rock record” the songs on BurnBabyBurn are just lovely, Lorson has added standup bass and subtle banjo provided by Amelia Sauter  and Leah Houghtaling.

Opener ‘Busboy’ has gentle piano and you can hear the’ theatre’ element when the piano is involved. Mary’s voice is pure velvet. Guitar drive ‘Manclub’ and that velvet voice expands even further on ‘Lately’ ‘River has (we love) a banjo and an Americana rhythm. So as you can see the album is very varied in style. It’s a long way from Madder Rose as you would expect. BurnBabyBurn’s eleven songs just drift by. A record for the car, a lazy Sunday morning or just to lift your sprits. Sit back, shut your eyes and listen to 'Only One Number 2' you won't regret it!








Bubble of Pretend


Crystal Ball

Only One Number 2

These Police

Let 'Em Eat Little Debbie Cakes

I Don't Care

BurnBabyBurn is released on 13th February 2012 (An ideal Valentines gift!)

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