An album that sounds like it was recorded in 1973 which is high praise indeed for a band who in 2017 have evoked the memories of a time when Prog was king along with the rock/jazz crossover of the time.

The fact that this debut album sits clearly and comfortable in 2017 is testimony to a band who have carefully pieced together a fine record. You can hear (Gabriel era) Genesis, Floyd, Bonzos, Soft Machine and yet the record feels a relevant and fresh addition to today's musical landscape. 

The album comes in at just over 40 minutes with two 9 minute plus epic tracks, ‘Quietus’ and ‘Mono Aware’. Six tracks on the album (which is available on limited edition splatter vinyl from Swordfish Records) in total, we are alreadly looking forward for the double, second album release. There seems to be no lack of creativity in this band.

The Mothers Earth Experiment, are a six-piece outfit from the West Midlands who released their debut EP 'Don’t Speak Against The Sun' in September 2015 and had their their first live show supporting Gong.

So yet another band to keep an eye on as 2017 continues to deliver some great records.