London alternative indie 3 piece Happyness release their sophomore album 'Write In' on 7th April, following on from 2014’s well received 'Weird Little Birthday'.

Clearly the band have evolved and matured over the 3 year gap, as where the debut was a fuzzy, hazy pop release, this follow up is strikingly more confident and not afraid of a melody along with the fuzz.

Opening track Falling Down sets the scene with it’s confident guitar loop, and deliciously takes its time to get going and build into the gorgeous start to the album it is. Originally the 2 minute guitar opening was going to be at the end of the song, but a change of heart resulted in this grand statement of a song.

Piano leads the listener into next track, the curiously titled The Reel Starts Again (Man As Ostrich), and again what grabs you is the melody and layered approach to the song.

Anytime is a real driving, propulsive track which will go down well live, especially at a summer festival with a few pints on board.

Jon EE’s vocals remain an almost whisper/singing affair, reminiscent of Neil Halstead, but it would be difficult to imagine this music accompanied by anything different.

The beautiful 6 minute Tunnel Vision On Your Part closes the album - stylistically, somewhere between Slowdive and Mojave 3, and leaves me wanting to put the whole album on again, which I’ve done many times.

Whilst it’s common for a review to pick out individual tracks, this could also have been easier to say that this is an album that genuinely benefits from listening as a whole, from start to finish, on good headphones or stereo.

Letting the songs wash over you, it’s difficult to not be affected by the lovely melodies and kinetic energy of each track, and the result is genuinely uplifting. The band are touring extensively this Summer, and I can only imagine what they will do with the songs live. Don’t miss them.