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With the turkey a distant memory, and the new year festivities out of the way, the music fan’s mind starts thinking about the year ahead and what new musical delights will come our way. If top of your agenda to start the year was a dense, complex 70 minute concept album (or at least themed) by a largely unknown band, then Offerings by Typhoon is just the thing for you.

There is no one quite like Dan Michaelson in the musical world. A voice so deep, so rich that you just melt into the music. A beautiful album for a winter’s day. This is Dan’s first album away from his band The Coastguards since 2011's 'Sudden Fiction'.

Late into the year we discover a very fine new band indeed. Young States hail from Norwich and are led by lead singer and bassist, Libby Irons who, has a singing voice not a million miles from Stevie Nicks in places.

Hey Sammy is the ninth album in the 10 year musical career of singer-songwriter Bella Hardy. Whilst 2015's 'Before The Dawn' was a breathtaking, fragile sound stripped bare, punctuated with injections of electronics; 2017 sees Bella musically on Hey Sammy with a fuller, more confident sounding album.

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