We first saw Cambodian/American rock band Dengue Fever at SXSW many moons ago, early one morning, around 2am in an Austin bar. It was a mind blowing experience of both sight and particularly sound!

Now the band have announced that they are set to begin a deluxe reissue campaign to release their long out-of-print back catalog via their own Tuk Tuk Records. The first two titles to be reissued are their eponymous 2003 debut album and their 2005 follow-up 'Escape From Dragon House' on 26th May. 

Both albums feature new bonus tracks, new liner notes, archival photos and upgraded original artwork, an expanded 20-page booklet for Dengue Fever while Escape features a fold out poster. Vinyl reissues will be available later this year.

Since acquiring our back catalog a few years back, we’ve always talked about doing deluxe editions of all of Dengue Fever’s out-of-print titles properly on our own label,” said Dengue Fever bassist and Tuk Tuk Records Co-owner Senon Williams. “Our primary goal was to get our first albums Dengue Fever and Escape From Dragon House back in print first with bonus material and other upgrades and use it as a template to upgrade the rest of our back catalogue moving forward.”

Track listing for Dengue Fever:

1. Lost in Laos
2. I’m Sixteen
3. 22 Nights
4. Hold My Hips
5. Dengue Fever
6. Thanks-A-Lot
7. New Year’s Eve
8. Ethanopium
9. Glass of Wine
10. Shave Your Beard
11. Pow Pow
12. Connect Four

Bonus Tracks
13. A Go Go (Remix)
14. Doo Wop (Live at the Rickshaw Stop 2004)
15. Hold My Hips (Paul Dreux Smith Remix 2004)
16. Lost in Laos (Tom Chasteen Remix)
17. Thanks-A-Lot (Live at Spaceland 2004)

Track listing for Escape From Dragon House:
1. We Were Gonna
2. Sni Bong
3. Tip My Canoe
4. Tap Water
5. Sleepwalking in the Mekong
6. One Thousand Years of a Tarantula
7. Escape From Dragon House
8. Made of Steam
9. Lake Dolores
10. Saran Wrap
11. Hummingbird

Bonus Tracks
12. Escape From Dragon House (Napster Session 2006)
13. Made of Steam (Mechanical Pencil Remix)
14. Sleepwalking Thought The Meking (Morgan Page Remix)
15. Sni Ha (Napster Session 2006)

Photo - Chean Long