With her upcoming album 'Day Fever' due Feb 24th via City Slang, South African artist Dear Reader is sharing her new single & video 'Then, Not Now'.

Day Fever, is the first album in four years from 'Dear Reader' (Cherilyn MacNeil) and was recorded over ten days in John Vanderslice’s San Francisco studio. 

Already away from home in Berlin, the South African musician’s trek to San Francisco meant a huge adjustment in terms of her recording style. Cherilyn hadn’t explored recording straight to tape previous to this album, which meant digitally correcting small mistakes during production wasn’t an option: "they’d keep a track or erase it - all of it - and start againIt went against everything I felt comfortable with,” Cherilyn says, calling the loss of control "initially terrifying".

'Day Fever' tracklist:

1. Oh, The Sky!
2. Tie Me To The Ground
3. So Pretty So Pathetic
4. Mean Well
5. Wake Him
6. Placate Her
7. If Only
8. I Know You Can Hear It (video)
9. Nothing Melodious
10. Then, Not Now
11. The Run

 Watch the video for 'Then, not Now'