The Little Kicks first emerged five years ago from Aberdeen. For their third album a relocation  was called for, and in the Spring of 2015 the band packed their kit and set off for a lodge by Loch Ness in which they would penned ten songs that would come to make up “Shake Off Your Troubles”. Late night recording sessions in Edinburgh and then mastered at Abbey Road, the album is now ready for release on 3rd March via Loosen Up Records

Lead singer Steven Milne says; “This new album is a collection of songs that means a lot to me and I feel it reflects a massive increase in both my own and the band’s confidence and abilities. There have been ups and downs personally since we last released music but I’m happy to say that on the whole we have grown to be more proud of what we do and to be less reticent to shout about it and our music. The themes of the record would be a feeling of happiness, gratitude and to be thankful with what you have and not take things for granted. Furthermore, not to let others get you down or let anyone put you in your place. In 2017 when the album is released I can’t wait to let people hear it and I hope these sentiments carry through to those who listen to it.”

Watch the video for 'Don't Get Mad, Get Even'

Tour dates to be announced shortly.