I’ve been trying to write a review of this album for a while, but it’s such a freaked-out behemoth it’s hard to know where to start. It’s also a record that’s going to polarize opinion and is likely to lead to much discussion at Rock Club Towers, like the Swans album did last year. For a start, it’s difficult to categorize into a single genre – if there was such a thing as space-garage-pyscho-prog-rebel-rock then this would fit perfectly into its pigeonhole. 

‘The Condition of Nothing’ starts the album with a full on blast of noise – a great rocking sound, brilliant guitar solo, some squelchy keyboard effects and some great dual vocals. Pretty much all you could need from a 6 minute opening track. The track ends abruptly when ‘Movement Starts’, which is a 2 and a half minute interlude of choppy, clanking guitar sounds, ending with a keyboard noise that is clearly achieved when you press the button marked ‘throbbing’. 

Next up is ‘No Other Way’ – at 10 minutes 39 seconds long, this is still only the third longest track on the album. It’s a medium paced instrumental track that starts off with a bass riff and gradually builds and builds. Guitars are layered on, followed by keyboards to create a woozy atmosphere that slowly hypnotizes you before fading away. 

From Portland Oregon and now on the Brooklyn based Partisan label, (after a long spell on Yep Roc) Dolorean have produced yet another quality record. ‘The Unfazed’ is their fourth record, coming four years after their last ‘You Can’t Win’ and comes across as a real musician’s recording. The song writing is sublime and musicianship flawless.   


This is a band however that you have to seek out .First off; don’t get them confused with Spanish dance-pop outfit Delorean. (this statement seems to appear in every article about the band, like a Government  health warning, sorry). 


Secondly their albums do not seem to be in every record store, so you have to search them out, (my copy was downloaded from emusic) which is all part of the fun. A little effort brings a massive reward remember.


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